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Vintage hockey autographs, Page 6
1949 Chicago Blachhawks program autographed by Charlie Conacher, Doug Bentley, Bill Mosienko, Bill Gadsby and others
4849hawksauto.jpg (60471 bytes) 4849hawksauto2.jpg (68462 bytes) 4849hawksauto3.jpg (53184 bytes)

This program has been autographed by the entire Blackhawks team and Charlie "The Big Bomber" Conacher. Other Hawks autographs include Jim "Sugar" Henry, Bob "Golden Boy" Goldham, Ernie Dickens,
Bill "Gads" Gadsby, Ralph Nattrass, Douglas McCaig, Doug Bentley,
Bill "Mosie" Mosienko, Roy Conacher, Gaye "Box Car" Stewart, Jim "Pencil" Conacher,
Gus Bodnar, Red Hamill, Bep Guidolin, Metro Prystai and Adam Brown.

Player GP G A Pts. Pim
Conacher, Roy 60 26 42 68 8
Bentley, Doug 58 23 43 66 38
Conacher, Jim 55 25 23 48 41
Bodnar, Gus 59 19 26 45 14
Mosienko, Bill 60 17 25 42 6
Stewart, Gaye 54 20 18 38 57
Guidolin, Bep 56 4 17 21 116
Brown, Adam 58 8 12 20 69
Prystai, Metro 59 12 7 19 19
Nattrass, Ralph 60 4 10 14 99
Gadsby, Bill 50 3 10 13 85
Hamill, Robert 57 8 4 12 16
Goldham, Bob 60 1 10 11 43
Dickens, Ernie 59 2 3 5 14
McCaig, Douglas 55 1 3 4 60
Olmstead, Bert 9 0 2 2 4
Gee, George 4 0 2 2 4
Poile, Bud 4 0 0 0 2
Henry, Jim 60 0 0 0 0
Tim Horton autographed Detroit Red Wings program, November 22, 1972
hortonsigwings.jpg (87247 bytes) hortonsigwings2.jpg (109868 bytes)
Tim Horton played 24 seasons in the NHL, breaking in with the Toronto Maple Leafs. He was regarded as one of the strongest players in the league, as well as having a lethal slapshot. Very few opponents were willing to tangle with Horton and his "Horton Bear Hug." Tim Horton's name is inscribed on Lord Stanley's Cup 4 times, including 3 in a row with the Leafs from 1962-1964. Miles Gilbert (Tim) Horton is recognized as one of the greatest defenseman to ever play the game of hockey. Horton's career ended prematurely when he died in a car accident in 1974 after playing that evening for the Buffalo Sabres, in a game against his old team, the Leafs.

His NHL career stats are as follows:
1446 games played - 115 goals - 403 assists
NHL All-Star - 1954, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1967, 1968 and 1969

This program is also signed, Lefty Wilson. The Sabres photo line-up inside the program is signed by Roger (Joe) Crozier, Rene Robert, Gerry Meehan, Don Luce and Larry Carriere.
Tim Horton autographed Buffalo Sabres program
hortonsigsabres.jpg (66920 bytes) hortonsigsabres2.jpg (80436 bytes)
This program is autographed on the cover by Tim Horton, Dave Dryden, Larry Hillman and Rick Dudley. On the inside it has also been signed by Rick Martin, Don Luce, Gerry Meehan, Larry Carriere, Randy Wyrozub, Craig Ramsey and Steve Atkinson(?), Mike Robitaille and Jim Schoenfeld.
1957-58 New York Rangers autographed team photo
5758rangerssig.jpg (125174 bytes)
The Rangers had there best finish since 1941-42, during 1957-58. The team came in second during the regular season while also making the Playoffs for the 3rd straight year. They also matched the franchise record set two seasons earlier, by winning 32 games. Andy bathgate led the offensive with 78 points and Camille Henry's 32 goals were a team high. Andy Hebenton added 21 as the Ranger's top nine scorers all hit double figures in goals. Gump Worsley and marcel Paille split the goaltending chores alomost equally, but Worsely had the better gaols-against average (2.32) and recorded all four of the Rangers shutouts.

Team snapshot:

Most goals: Camille Henry (32)
Most assists: Andy Bathgate (48)
Most points: Andy Bathgate (78)
Most penalty minutes: Lou Fontinato (152)
Most wins, goaltender: Gump Worsley (21)
NHL Award winners: Camille Henry (Lady Byng Trophy)
NHL All-Stars: Bill Gadsy, Andy Bathgate and Camille Henry

Interesting bit of trivia: The 57-58 Rangers were the first team ever to paint their gloves to match their uniforms.

All hockey memorabilia and their images are the exclusive property of the owner and may not be reprinted, copied or used without written permission from the owner. For licensing or other questions please contact

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