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Postcards - Hockey Teams, Hockey Arenas, Hockey Stadiums - Page 2
Madison Square Garden from approx. 1890 - 1910
Madison Square Garden 1 Madison Square Garden 2
These postcards are of Madison Square Garden and are dated 1905 and 1910. I believe this would be the second Madison Square Garden which was built in 1890. It was planned and financed by J.P. Morgan and architect Stanford White. The final cost to build it was $3 million.
Madison Square Garden around 1915
Madison Square Garden 3
This postcard is of Madison Square Garden II and is from around 1915. On the back it reads as follows: Madison Square garden on Madison Avenue occupies an entire block; has a tower 341 feet high and a statue of Diana at the top, which is 13 feet high. Erected in 1890 at a cost of $3,000.000. Contains the largest Amphitheater in the world
Madison Square Gardens, 1930 & 1945
Madison Square Gardens 4 Madison Square Gardens 5
These postcards are also of Madison Square Garden and are postmarked 1930 (left) and 1945 (right). This building was built in 1925 and The official opening of Garden III was December 15, when the Montreal Canadiens defeated the New York Americans 3-1. For the record, the first goal ever scored in the Garden came off the stick of New York American winger Frank Boucher.
Chicago Stadium, around 1940
chicago stadium 1 chicago stadium 2 chicago stadium 3
These postcards are of the Chicago Stadium and are from around 1940. On the back they all say about the same: This is the stadium in which Franklin D. Roosevelt was nominated President of the United States in 1932. It has a seating capacity of 25,000 persons.
Maple Leaf Gardens in the 1930's
Maple Leaf Gardens in the early to mid 1930's
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